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2019/04/17 (Wed) 15:54:14

I live in Hashima. It is not well known to people, but this town has many attractions.

First, the specialty of this town is Misogidango. Local people have eaten it for along time and it is loved by them. This town has a lot of Misogidango’s shops. So they often buy it. Also it can be eaten in elementary and junior high school as a lunch.

Second, this town has good transportation. People can use the Shinkansen at Gifu Hashima Station and get on the highway. When local people go on a trip, they feel free to go because they can save travel time. Also this town has some railway stations, so they can go anywhere by favorite transportation.

Third, this town has a Costco. It has many kind of things, for example, food, furniture, clothes, toys, and daily necessities. Furthermore, its products are good at cost performance and it leads to the solution of the unemployment problem because it gives jobs to more people.

Last, there is fireworks festival in this town in summer. People can see a lot of stalls and watch lots of beautiful fireworks at the festival. Not only local people but also people outside the prefecture go to the festival. The festival is very popular festival that is traditional and loved by many people.

This town is not well known to people and there are few people visiting this town. But this town has many other interesting things that I can not introduce here, for example, Ukai, Enku, Fujimatsuri, Lotus root, and fashionable cafes. So I want many people to visit this town.

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